ICYMI: LP Industry News of the Week Nov. 1 – 7

LPM news in review

We know that your week can get busy, and the time you have to catch up on the news from around the retail loss prevention industry is often stolen away by other things. That’s why the LPM team sifts through headlines from all over the country to bring only the most relevant LP news to you here, in our special weekly news round-up — the perfect bookend to a productive week.

Here’s What You May Have Missed

Thieves Target Containers of Electronics and Household Goods
Thieves are targeting containers holding electronics and household goods as US ports struggle to clear backlogs of cargo, which are leading to delays in the supply chain. There are thousands of boxes along the railroad tracks in LA that have fallen from containers.

San Francisco Introduces Welcome Ambassadors to Deter Crime
San Francisco’s mayor announced a new program to welcome visitors, employees, and residents back to the city. These ‘welcome ambassadors’ will be a new presence around San Francisco meant to assist with everything from directions to preventing crime.

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CVS Director of ORC Explains How Thieves Steal $2,000 in 2 Minutes
Organized retail crime-related events are reported in a CVS store every three minutes; in just two minutes, the average thief steals $2,000 worth of goods from the store. Here, CVS Director of Organized Retail Crime and Corporate Investigations Ben Dugan explains how.

White House Launches Dashboard to Track Supply Chain Crisis
The White House website is rolling out a new Supply Chain Dashboard, to be updated every two weeks, that will track progress in easing the backlog of imported goods caused by coronavirus shutdowns. The White House is also tracking data on ‘on-the-shelf availability.’

Flash Mob Steals $100,000 in Merchandise from Louis Vuitton Store
A group of 13 people wearing masks and gloves made off with more than $100,000 in designer merchandise from the Louis Vuitton Store in the Northbrook Court shopping center outside of Chicago. No one was injured during the theft.

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