IAI: The Power of Remarkable Women 2017

The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) is honored to be continuing “The Power of Remarkable Women” in our industry. This year we have four women we would like you to know. They are all part of the association and have been for years. Their determination, drive, thoughtfulness and attitudes made them easy selections for this recognition. I believe by reading my comments you will get a glimpse of how I feel about each of them, and if I had room I would be able to write a page (or more) about each of them and what they have meant to me personally and professionally.

[Editor’s Note: Each honoree’s name is linked to a personal interview.]

Lisa Maddox, CFE, CFI, is truly an amazing woman. In the years that I have known her, she is compassionate, ethical and dedicated to her craft and her family. After you read her answers, you will have a great feel for her continued drive to expand her education and thought process in everything she does.

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We continued to look at our IAI partners for those who deserve to be recognized within our profession. This year is no different. Without the contributions of these women, many of us would have more problems in our day-to-day work life. They exemplify the words “remarkable” and “partner” and we are pleased to recognize them in this issue.

Lauren Bridgeo is someone that inspires you to be successful, take on new challenges and a great view on leadership mistakes. After her 33 years in the industry, it is a pleasure to see her commitment to the profession still so strong!

When I think of these next two, I cannot help but place them in a couple of categories. First, true partners and friends. Second, it is sometimes hard not to think of them without the other. They have been friends to each other and some might even consider them “sisters” from another mother.

Cita Doyle, LPQ, shows her commitment to her part of the profession with the initials after her name, LPQ. She not only believes in the industry she is in, she lives it! She understands the daily issues women in the industry deal with by being a part of an organization’s processes. Her views on work-life balance are an inspiration and something I personally have learned from her over the years of friendship.

Our other partner being recognized is Kris Vece. Kris has the drive most people are unable to keep up with. Her ability to forge relationships, create ideas in so many areas, and her willingness to take chances is something I have enjoyed seeing over the years from Kris.

Please enjoy the insight these women share with us in IAI and appreciate their continued support of our profession. Send them a note and let them know what they mean to you, as they are most definitely Remarkable Women!

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