How to Prep Your Business to Recover from COVID-19

Most retailers are used to short-term store closures for a holiday and even in a disaster like a hurricane, when we might be closed for a few days or a week. But rarely, if ever, have we all had to close for multiple weeks at time. During this unprecedented pandemic, there are many precautions you may not have considered as you plan your reentry strategy and begin to get back to business. What condition was the store in when you locked the door and what will it be like when you go back in? From air filters to garbage, from mold to rodents, and that’s all before we talk about extending social distancing, managing a healthy workforce, and more. This podcast features disaster preparedness, business recovery, and reentry expert Ed Minyard, CEO of ResponseForce1, who offers useful tips and tactics to consider as you prepare to reenter and recover your business operations.

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