How to Combat the Retail Cyclone With an Open Platform VMS

Salient Systems is sponsoring a session at GSX 2022 on Sept. 13 at 2 p.m. about the “retail cyclone” and how to combat it with an open platform VMS.

The retail cyclone is a confluence of internal and external factors impacting retailers today in a way never seen before. In the past, retailers have suffered from a number of factors impacting the bottom line, however, today, immense pressure from the current retail landscape is forcing businesses to rethink their approach to defensibility and safety and security.

The pandemic, a weakened labor force, steep financial pressures on the rising cost of goods, distribution and logistical challenges, rising fuel costs, organized retail crime rings, increased internal theft, active shooter incidents, front-end technology leading to loss, a lack of prosecution of shoplifters, and an attitude that retail theft is a victimless crime are all key components of the current retail cyclone.

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As a result, retail professionals need to fully leverage their video management system to mitigate these pressures by tapping into AI and facial recognition technology to quickly identify shoplifters, crime events, loitering, and weapons. By leveraging video to create a centralized video management solution and employing video analytics to proactively identify events before they happen, retailers can gain precious moments to respond to many of these issues.

Presentation attendees will hear from two former loss prevention executives from major retailers Walmart and The Home Depot on the ever-growing challenges faced on the job and how retailers can make the most of their VMS solution.

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