How Highly Organized Criminals are Targeting Retailers and Costing You Money

Organized retail crime (ORC) is becoming a full-time job for criminals. That practice is costing you, the consumer, and investigators believe social media makes it increasingly easy for the thieves to make a profit.

Home Depot, Walmart, Kohls, Dillard’s, Family Dollar and Gordmans have more in common than weekly sales. Many stores are being hit by organized retail crimes, specifically the “snatch and grab.” If you’ve ever finished shopping and noticed a car speeding away as you were leaving, you may have witnessed the getaway from a crime.

FOX13’s Siobhan Riley found of the same group of thieves hit at least six Home Depot stores more than 20 times between May and August of 2018. “It was in incident here where we had someone come in and walk out with a blower,” Watson said. “They just came in again…just in and out…it happened super quick.” Memphis police arrested MeKayne Haynes, 19, in March. He is accused of stealing $16,000 worth of merchandise… Fox13 News

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