Hikvision Introduces 8 MP DeepinView TandemVu Bullet Camera

Hikvision announced the latest addition to its TandemVu family, the 8 MP DeepinView TandemVu Bullet Camera, designed to monitor both large scenes and close-up details simultaneously. The camera is ideal for situational awareness and proactive security, according to the company.

“Our new 8 MP DeepinView TandemVu Bullet Camera is fueled by AI functions like perimeter protection, multi-target detection, and license plate recognition, providing dealers and end users with a comprehensive approach to security,” said John Xiao, vice president of marketing, Hikvision.

Equipped with deep learning algorithms and high-performance GPUs, the 8 MP DeepinView TandemVu Bullet Camera supports dual-channel synchronous computing, providing optimized viewpoints for comprehensive monitoring and enhanced security levels.

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Key features of the 8 MP DeepinView TandemVu Bullet Camera include:

  • Face authentication and picture comparison: Leveraging embedded deep learning-based algorithms, the camera captures, grades, and selects the best image for viewing.
  • Perimeter protection: The camera incorporates deep learning-based target detection and classification algorithms for robust perimeter protection. It effectively monitors line crossing, intrusion, region entrance, and exit while minimizing false alarms caused by environmental interferences such as leaves, lights, animals, or flags.
  • Multi-target-type recognition: Using its embedded deep learning algorithms, it excels at detecting and capturing faces, people, and vehicles within specific regions.
  • Road traffic and vehicle detection: Utilizing learning-based algorithms, the camera achieves accurate license plate capture and recognition, surpassing traditional algorithms by delivering recognition accuracy for common plates and complex-structured plates. Users can also create block lists and allow lists for plate categorization, triggering separate alarms as needed.

For more information, visit hikvision.com.

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