High-Powered Back-Up; Roving SWAT Officers on Patrol in Malls

Bellevue (Washington) Police now have the SWAT team patrolling the downtown core. The department formed the downtown unit this month to offer some high powered back up to patrol officers. The team of veteran officers is working in pairs, in uniform and undercover.

On Thursday KIRO-7 caught up with the downtown unit in and around Bellevue Square. They are focused on putting a stop to organized retail theft. If there is a major event they are ready to respond and highly trained. “We can respond to in-progress calls and supplement our patrol partners because we’re on duty already and cut down response time. It’s a huge asset to them,” explained SWAT Officer Andy Smith.

Bellevue was able to add the unit of SWAT officers because for the first time in years the department is fully staffed. “We have 6 highly qualified, highly trained officers who are here to primarily reduce crime in the downtown core, reduce the fear of crime and increase the quality of life for all Bellevue residents,” said Meeghan Black and spokesperson for the Bellevue Police Department… KIRO7 News

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