Hazard Pay Now in Effect For SFO Grocery and Retail Pharmacy Workers

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously approved San Francisco’s COVID Related Hazard Pay Emergency Ordinance, which temporarily requires large grocery and retail pharmacy stores, like drug stores, and the janitorial and security contractors that work on-site at these covered grocery and drug stores to provide an extra $5.00 of hazard pay per hour to workers (up to a total wage of $35.00 per hour). This Ordinance was approved by the Mayor on March 19 and becomes operative today, March 22, 2021. The Ordinance will remain in effect until May 19, 2021 (the 61st day following enactment), unless it is reenacted or the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency is terminated.

Although this Ordinance is limited to San Francisco, other California cities have already implemented similar hazard or “hero” pay ordinances, including Oakland, San Mateo, South San Francisco, Berkeley, Daly City, San Jose, Santa Clara, Long Beach and Santa Monica. What do San Francisco employers need to know about this new law…?   JD Supra

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