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Having Trouble Getting the EAS and RFID Solutions You Need?

Retail loss prevention and asset protection teams are faced with many challenges, but perhaps one of the biggest pain points is getting the solutions delivered when they need them. Each retailer’s challenges are unique and finding the right solution is vital for success, however, a solution is only effective if it is deployed and operating. From the pandemic to component shortages and supply chain issues, getting solutions has been a challenge for retailers, but we’re here to change that. At CONTROLTEK, we are on a mission to ensure retailers have exceptional, technology-agnostic EAS and RFID solutions that are in stock and ready to be deployed to support their unique needs.

CONTROLTEK’s CT360 EAS and RFID Solutions

Whether your asset protection program requires AM, RF, RFID, or a combination of technologies, CONTROLTEK offers a comprehensive portfolio of EAS and RFID tags and systems to fit your needs. We recognize that there is no one‑size‑fits‑all approach to asset protection, so our team of experts use our design thinking approach to truly understand your challenges and partner side-by-side to assist in finding the right solution.

Every detail of our EAS and RFID solutions are built to perform, starting with the high‑performing technology—which can be tailored to meet your requirements—to the sleek yet durable hardware built to keep up with the demands of any retail environment. And with our First Time Right approach to solutions deployment, we deliver high‑quality tags and systems on time and install your systems right on the very first visit, thus saving you time, minimizing the impact to your business, and saving you money.

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Meet the SAM Family

CONTROLTEK’s broad line of AM systems boast sleek design, state‑of‑the-art AM technology, and a variety of installation options to fit your retail environment. Whether it is securing large entry points, requiring a concealed solution, or using multiple technologies for the best asset protection, our SAM systems stand up to the test. From acrylic and aluminum designs, 6- and 9-foot ranges, door‑mounted and “invisible” floor installations, and even an integrated camera for enhanced visibility, the SAM Family AM system offering has you covered.

The New Standard in RF

CONTROLTEK’s SRF RF system boasts the same high-quality and sleek design as our AM system, yet it is equipped with state-of‑the-art RF technology. The high‑performing software can be customized to meet your unique asset protection needs, including the option to upgrade to RFID to future-proof your operations, while the design creates a streamlined aesthetic that will stand the test of time in your fast-paced retail environment.

The Most Versatile System in Retail

For retailers, EAS poses an unexpected problem because it requires you to choose between using AM and RF technology in your stores; however, you no longer have to choose. CONTROLTEK’s Omni SAM+RF system combines the power of both AM and RF without compromising on performance. Also equipped with the option to upgrade to RFID, Omni SAM+RF combines all available technologies into one system to give retailers the ability to use any EAS tag on the market, while opening the possibility of automated inventory management, real‑time asset tracking, and improved customer insights for the forward-thinking retailer.

Next Generation RFID as EAS

InFlight RFID is the world’s thinnest and most advanced overhead RFID as EAS reader on the market, combining state‑of‑the-art UHF RFID with Time-of-Flight (ToF) in the form of light detection and ranging (LIDAR) sensors. This system accurately tracks speed and direction of merchandise movement, virtually eliminating false alarms. Equipped with an integrated variable alarm, the system can alert in different sequencing based on the number of assets leaving the store. This can help decipher between single item theft and organized retail crime theft, in real-time. And with built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the reader can serve as a hub for other handheld readers syncing data for automated inventory management.

High Performing AM, RF, RFID Tagging Solutions

We offer a vast selection of tagging solutions for protecting a wide range of products, from eyewear, handbags, clothing, and accessories, to liquor and electronics. Our AM, RF, and RFID tags and labels distinguish themselves by their high detection rate, ease of use, sturdy construction, and budget-friendliness. Our experts are here to help you choose the right EAS tags for your stores for maximum protection and deterrence. Some of the tags we offer that retailers love the most include:

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  • InkGuard: An ink tag designed to stand out and let would-be thieves know they will not succeed at shoplifting in your store.
  • The SurfaceTag: The go-to solution to protect boxed merchandise while eliminating product lockdown, not taking up too much shelf space, or interfering with the customer experience.
  • The Halt Tag: Which features multiple layers of protection and a classic padlock design that is lightweight and unobtrusive to shoppers.

First Time Right Systems Delivery

When it comes to deploying your loss prevention system, we understand the importance of high quality and consistency across your entire brand of stores. Trusted by retailers large and small, we offer structured delivery, full transparency, and nationwide infrastructure for EAS and RFID solutions. Our agile approach means our solutions are delivered faster and installed with more attention to detail than any other provider in the industry.

After delivering thousands of EAS and RFID solutions to some of North America’s leading grocery, home improvement, and apparel retailers, we understand the importance of providing a quality system with minimal disruptions to your business. Our team at CONTROLTEK works with your team to ensure we provide the best possible solution while making the process seamless. Our promise is simple: we make sure that every EAS or RFID system installation is done on time, correctly, and approved by our retail partner on the very first visit.

We are committed to ensuring you receive an outstanding solution that aligns with your budget and long-term business goals, which is backed with the added assurance of a warranty that is the best in the industry. It is our goal to provide peace of mind that your EAS and RFID solutions are delivered when you need them and operating at full potential to give you the freedom to focus on what is most important to you: serving your customers.

To learn more about CONTROLTEK’s EAS and RFID solutions, visit our website at and discover the solution that is right for you.

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