Grocery Stores Add Extra Security during Coronavirus Outbreak

Grocery stores are bringing on additional off-duty police officers and private security guards to help manage crowded aisles, long lines and jammed parking lots during the coronavirus outbreak.

According to a CNN report, panic buying from coronavirus has led to empty shelves and snaking lines at supermarkets across the country. There have been scattered reports of fights breaking out in wine and toilet paper aisles. “This is a natural reaction to some of the panic and frenzy we have been seeing,” David Levenberg, president of Center Security Services, a retail security consulting firm, told CNN. “Supplies are limited and the more people think they need to hoard toilet paper, the more likely it is that things will get out of control. There needs to be some organization and a physical deterrent to aggressive behavior at these stores,” Levenberg said.

According to the report, ShopRite, Stop & Shop and Kroger are three major chains increasing their security. Kroger has increased its off-duty police and uniformed presence in Columbus, Ohio, said a spokesperson for the city police department. Walmart, notes CNN, is using a mix of off-duty law enforcement and third-party security, a spokesperson said. “The big difference is that everything is at a much broader scale because it’s all happening nationally.” Some ShopRite stores are adding private security guards to help with crowd control or paying local police departments to direct traffic in crowded parking lots, adds CNN…  Security Magazine

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