GPS Supply Chain Management for Loss Prevention

Today’s loss prevention programs have expanded across all divisions of the retail world. Whether it is products moving from suppliers to distribution centers, DCs to stores, or the ever-growing e-commerce business, LP teams need the proper tools to mitigate and investigate ORC, shrinkage, and fraud.

7PSolutions provides various tracking technologies and tools, all operating on the company’s RouteWatch platform, a web-based SaaS with supporting iOS and Android apps, to ensure LP professionals have the visibility they need at their fingertips. RouteWatch is an event-based platform designed by logistics and security professionals that allows the user to select the best interface for their event-based monitoring. It provides integrated environmental and security monitoring tools to maintain product integrity, protect investments, and ensure on-time delivery of goods.

The 7P TEMS system is a supply chain management tool built within the RouteWatch platform. TEMS provides LP personnel with real-time, crucial information from the supply chain. Shipments are set up within TEMS, utilizing pre-built shipping templates that automate tracking reports and notifications to all team members of status changes to possible package theft events, as well as automated notifications for shipment arrivals and departures.

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Loss prevention teams utilize RouteWatch for all types of investigations, including internal investigations, such as in-store sting operations, potential driver theft monitoring, and porch piracy programs.

Using the pre-built security templates helps increase productivity, eliminate human errors, and provides all relevant shipment information in one location, allowing for quick decision making processes and information gathering. Another powerful feature built into the RouteWatch platform is the LELiveLink feature. LELiveLink provides law enforcement and other loss prevention investigators with the ability to have live GPS visibility to assist with recovery operations via a simple link.

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