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The retail industry is highly competitive, and success is directly related to your customer’s experience. Retailers of every size are continuously trying to create the best environments for both browsing and buying. In the past, this meant that sales, merchandising, and design teams worked together to provide customers with what they needed and desired.

All too often, retail security hasn’t been a big part of the equation. It focused largely on loss prevention with video surveillance and access control being used to keep a watchful eye on the registers and to secure the doors. Of course, preventing loss is an integral part of any successful retail business, but physical security can do more.

At Genetecâ„¢, we believe that security systems can add real strategic value to any retail organization. Our goal is to give you the tools and support necessary to work with your IT and operations departments to improve operational efficiency and revenue generation.

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We offer open IP-based solutions for video surveillance, access control, and automatic license plate recognition under a unified security platform. And, to help you give your customers what they want, in addition to providing top-notch security and supporting loss prevention, our solutions also allow you to:

  • Set your IP-based video surveillance system to alert sales personnel to customers in various locations in your store
  • Integrate retail analytics into your video surveillance platform to gain invaluable in-store data on people-counting and shopping trends
  • Generate real-time traffic reports that store manages can use to more accurately determine appropriate staffing requirements during store hours
  • Use wireless access control for high value displays that will generate an automatic trail of who opened which case and when
  • Integrate your security platform with your POS system to link video footage with each transaction at the cash register

Whether you’re a main street shop or a big-box store, our open solutions fit your needs.

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