Fuel-Theft Rings Fill Roads with ‘Moving Bombs’

These criminals lug huge amounts of stolen gas across South Florida’s roadways, hiding hundreds of gallons in modified trucks and SUVs.

Authorities refer to the gas thieves’ converted trucks as moving bombs because of the hazard they pose if one were to crash and explode. “They’re out there, they’re so common — trying to blend with people who go to work every day,” said Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Alexis Otano. “God forbid one of these vehicles gets into an accident.” And officials say the gas theft has been on the rise.

Such fuel pilfering cases are up in Broward County, with 16 people charged so far this year compared with 10 last year. Between 2013 and 2017, only seven were charged. The Florida Highway Patrol’s Troop E, which patrols Miami-Dade County, has seen a proliferation, detaining more than 30 vehicles with so-called fuel bladders, or concealed fuel compartments, in the two years since troopers ran across their first… Sun-Sentinel

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