From Food to Fashion Sensormatic Source-Tagging Program Protects More than 70 Billion Items from Shrink

Sensormatic Solutions, Johnson Control’s leading global retail solutions portfolio, has surpassed 70 billion consumer products source-tagged to date, allowing retailers to protect today’s most sought after products, while boosting sales and profitability.

As the largest source-tagging program in the industry, Sensormatic Acousto-Magnetic (AM), Radio Frequency (RF), and RFID Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tags and labels help the world’s top retailers combat the threats of theft in virtually every product category, while ensuring items arrive ready for immediate placement on the sales floor.

With retail shrink reaching an estimated $100 billion globally, loss prevention is essential. External theft and fraud, including organized retail crime (ORC), is the largest source of shrinkage accounting for 34 percent of global shrink. Retailers are taking action against these rising threats by investing in EAS tags and labels to help reduce shrink of trendy items that are highly targeted, such as Cannabidiol (CBD) products, meat and seafood, and health and beauty care.

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Bjoern Petersen

“Sensormatic Solutions recognizes the growing impact that ORC and other sources of shrink have on a retailer’s bottom-line,” said Bjoern Petersen, president, Sensormatic Solutions. “Our customers are leveraging our source tagging solutions to achieve significant reductions in targeted merchandise categories that suffered from high shrink. Retailers across the globe trust Sensormatic to provide quality products and services to increase product profitability, and we look forward to continue meeting the needs of the industry with our source tagging innovations.”

The Sensormatic program encompasses source application of EAS one-time use labels and reusable hard tags. Today, the majority of Sensormatic labels are applied by product manufacturers or packaging companies at the source rather than in store. Source tagging enables retailers to drive sales as merchandise arrives “retail-ready” for immediate placement onto the sales floor. These ready-to-go products allow sales associates to focus on customers instead of the manual, in-store application of security tags, and to standardize product-level protection for a full array of categories. Additionally, Sensormatic recirculated RFID-enabled hard tags are gaining momentum with retailers as a cost effective and eco-friendly approach for deploying RFID-based inventory management programs for apparel.

By leveraging Sensormatic Solutions’ global presence, local expertise and data-driven Source Tagging as a Service (STaaS) program, retailers receive comprehensive merchandise protection and category management with measurable results. This Sensormatic-managed collaboration helps retailers drive sales up, shrink down and decrease labor costs.

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