Four Brothers Arrested for $19M Online Retail Fraud Scheme

Four brothers were arrested in Rockland County (NY) after allegedly running a $19 million fraud scheme that targeted online retail giant Amazon.

The four men – Yoel, Heshl, Zishe and Shmuel Abraham – were taken into custody at several area homes at 6 AM Wednesday by federal investigators from Homeland Security and the New York Police Department.

Police sources said that at one point the alleged fraud ring was running from the basement of a house in Monsey, home of the mother of the detainees. A federal complaint alleges that the four Abraham brothers opened supplier accounts and participated in a scheme to defraud to an online retailer, which sources identified NBC News as Amazon.

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The feds said the brothers tampered with billing procedures, using a handy called overship. The case is being processed by the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

In response to the case and the arrests, Amazon said it was “grateful” to work with law enforcement agencies “on their vigorous prosecution.” of the suspected brothers. “While our proactive controls ensure that the vast majority of sellers in our business are honest entrepreneurs, scammers attempt to violate our policies, victimize our customers, and harm us,” the company said in a statement…

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