Four Accused of Stealing from Retailers

Four people, three men and one woman, were arrested and charged for a string of recent retail thefts in Roseville, California. According to a press release from the Roseville Police Department, over the past week, police arrested Carlton Singleton, 28, of Sacramento, on Tuesday, July 23, after he allegedly stole from a store in Roseville. Employees called police immediately and Singleton was promptly arrested. He faces theft charges. Matthew Pannell, 39, of Roseville, on Wednesday, July 17. While he attempted to flee, Pannell allegedly pepper sprayed store employees. He faces robbery charges. Stephenie Turpen, 40, of Sonora and Anthony Greco, 44, of Citrus Heights, on Wednesday, July 17.

After allegedly stealing items and fighting with employees from a store in Roseville, Turpen got into a car being driven by Greco and the two attempted to flee, but were quickly caught by police. They both face theft and drug… ABC10 News

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