Fortifying Retail Environments: DefenseLite® AccessShield™ Sets a New Standard

Retail crime continues to pose significant challenges for businesses, which makes finding effective solutions for loss prevention paramount. One such innovative solution is Impact Security’s newest DefenseLite® retrofit security glazing solution: AccessShield™. Engineered for entrance doors of all types, this glazing system aims to prevent illegal access to retail establishments and combat smash‑and-grab crime by retrofitting existing building entrances. By minimizing the risk of forced entry, AccessShield helps reduce inventory losses for the retail industry.

Introducing AccessShield™

AccessShield represents Impact Security’s latest innovation in retrofit security glazing, specifically targeting entrance doors—the typical access point for retail stores and other at-risk businesses. This retrofit security glazing panel is designed to upgrade virtually any access door, regardless of the door type or material finish. By removing and replacing the existing glass and door stops, AccessShield seamlessly integrates into doorlite openings, providing enhanced protection against forced entry attempts. Now, retail establishments can fortify their defenses against smash-and-grab crime, safeguarding both their assets and their reputation.

Key Benefits of AccessShield:

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  • Mitigates Smash-and-Grab Crime: AccessShield is a robust protective shield for existing entrance doors, mitigating the risk of smash-and-grab crimes.
  • Prevents Inventory Loss: By shielding entrance doors from criminal attacks and maintaining the structural integrity of doors, AccessShield helps prevent inventory loss, safeguarding retail assets.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Compared to traditional security measures, AccessShield offers a cost-effective solution, minimizing financial strain on businesses while ensuring optimal security.
  • Flexible Installation Options: AccessShield accommodates diverse door profiles and architectural aesthetics, offering flexible installation options tailored to specific requirements.
  • Simplified Maintenance: With easily serviceable glazing, AccessShield simplifies maintenance, ensuring long-term sustainability and reliability for retail establishments.
  • Customizable Upgrade Options: AccessShield provides customizable upgrade options to meet specific security needs and budgets, offering tailored solutions for retail environments.

Understanding DefenseLite

DefenseLite offers a portfolio of retrofit security glazing systems designed to fortify windows, doors, storefront, and curtain wall systems against criminal attacks. This patented technology boasts a remarkable strength 250 times greater than glass. Its invisible aesthetic delights retail storefront marketers while offering an affordable and efficient retrofit installation without interfering in the day‑to‑day business operation.

Utilizing advanced materials such as high-optic UV coated polycarbonate shields and vented aluminum extrusions, DefenseLite flexes, absorbs, and deflects energy away during attempted break-ins, effectively preventing access and keeping perpetrators outside.

Similarly, BulletShield provides protection against ballistic attacks through glass by mounting onto existing window or door frames. Custom fabricated based on threat levels and budgets, BulletShield employs a combination of exotic plastics, polycarbonates, or glass-clad shields, ensuring resilience against forced entry. Independently tested to meet stringent UL standards, BulletShield offers a reliable defense mechanism against the various threats presented in today’s market.

As retail crime continues to evolve, proactive measures such as the implementation of DefenseLite Retrofit Glazing Systems become increasingly indispensable. By retrofitting existing doors, windows, storefront, and curtain wall systems with advanced security solutions, businesses can effectively deter criminal activity that results in property damage and inventory loss. Impact Security’s commitment to new product development underscores its dedication to providing innovative solutions for loss prevention in the retail sector. To learn more about DefenseLite, visit

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