Flock Safety Expands Product Suite to Help Businesses Deter and Solve Crime

Flock Safety’s suite of hardware and software solutions help businesses work hand-in-hand with law enforcement to solve over 10 percent of reported crimes nationwide

Flock Safety, the all-in-one technology solution that keeps communities safe, has  introduced a suite of exciting new hardware and software products for businesses and security teams looking to deter and solve crime, protect employees and customers, and better operationalize their safety efforts.  

On the video front, Flock Safety has released Solar-Powered Condor, a live and recorded video solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Condor cameras can be placed anywhere, including areas without access to continuous electrical power, without complex infrastructure and construction and writing costs.

Solar-Powered Condor’s features include: 

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  • Improved camera performance and processing with a 30x computing boost from previous models, ensuring high-quality data capture and processing 
  • AI-enhanced video streaming that include alerts when vehicles of interest are spotted or when people are congregating in closed areas after hours
  • A subscription service model where installation and maintenance are handled by Flock, allowing organizations to focus on protecting their perimeter instead of managing IT 
  • Simple process to move or add units for better coverage, allowing agencies to customize their system to fully cover all the areas needed

“Solar-Powered Condor is a game changer for customers who trust Flock Safety to pioneer easy-to-deploy, affordable solutions for combating crime and improving public safety,” said Garrett Langley, CEO and founder of Flock Safety. “Condor pairs live video with LPR and audio detection, providing better situational awareness for law enforcement and security teams. And with the Solar-Powered Condor, customers are no longer constrained by AC power requirements, freeing them up to place cameras where they are most needed.”

Flock also introduced new products related to its flagship License Plate Recognition (LPR) system. The Advanced Investigations Package provides tools that efficiently identify patterns of potential criminal activity and expand organized crime cases directly in the FlockOS platform.  Law enforcement and security teams can use the Advanced Investigations Package to form complete cases, using actionable vehicle insights in one centralized dashboard.

The Traffics Analytics Package also augments Flock’s LPR offerings, utilizing a business’s existing LPR system to identify insights into visitor traffic, frequency, and more. Traffic Analytics provides a cost-effective way to provide actionable vehicle analytics to other business teams, all streamlined in the same easy-to-use Flock dashboard. 

Solar-Powered Condor and the Advanced Investigations and Traffics Analytics packages join Flock Safety’s suite of hardware and software solutions that is helping solve over 10 percent of reported crimes nationwide.

Flock Safety’s mission is to improve community safety with its hardware and software solutions. Its technology helps solve 700,000 crimes each year and makes over 5,000 communities safer nationwide. To learn more about Flock Safety, visit www.flocksafety.com.

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