First Forensic Criminal Tagging Security System from SelectaDNA Installed in Florida

Technology comprised of synthetic DNA supported by law enforcement as a powerful crime prevention tool

The first forensic Criminal Tagging System from SelectaDNA has been installed at Raptis Rare Books in Palm Beach, Florida. The system was installed by CSI Palm Beach, a Certified Dealer for CSI Protect – the exclusive provider of SelectaDNA technology in North America.

The high-tech crime-fighting technology utilizes forensic marking (a.k.a. synthetic DNA) to stealthily tag criminals with an invisible forensic mist. The solution remains on a criminal’s skin and clothing for weeks to months, allowing police to identify them well after the commission of a crime via the use of a special frequency light.

The primary focus of the technology is crime prevention, with a documented reduction in crime (robbery, burglary and high-value theft) by 40 to 86 percent where deployed. If a crime is committed, the forensic marker enhances law enforcement abilities to more effectively identify criminals and items linked to a specific a crime scene.

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Each unit of the technology contains a universally unique forensic code (forensic) associated with a specific location. The codes are never replicated and irrefutably connect a criminal to a specific crime scene. The synthetic forensic markers are manufactured in a state-of-the-art ISO 17025 accredited laboratory that replicates the form and functionality of human / organic DNA.

“We have some of the world’s most valuable rare books, not only in terms of historical significance but also in monetary value,” said Matthew Raptis, owner of Raptis Rare Books, one of the world’s leading rare and antiquarian book galleries. “I became enamored with the technology during my regular travels throughout Europe as I learned about its success in preventing crime. This technology will add an additional layer of security to reduce the likelihood of theft, burglary and robbery.”

“We’re pleased to help protect Raptis Rare Books’ immense and impressive inventory of literary gems,” said Joe Maltese, vice president of marketing and operations for CSI Protect. “The technology is used and trusted by some of the largest and most iconic companies across the globe and we’re proud to now make it available in the United States.”

While relatively new in the United States, the technology has been in use for more than a decade in 30-plus countries on five continents. It is now quickly gaining support with law enforcement and loss prevention professionals in North America.

The Criminal Tagging System can be activated via numerous modalities including panic button, money clip, remote video monitoring, burglar alarms, access control and intrusion detection systems.

The Palm Beach Police Department is supportive of the crime-fighting capabilities of the forensic marking technology and is in the process of being trained by CSI Protect concerning proper police procedures to properly:

• identify forensically marked criminals and items, and
• collect and process forensically marked evidence

The technology has been officially endorsed by the Palm Beach County Law Enforcement Exchange (LEX), which is comprised of law enforcement agencies in Florida. LEX provides a data sharing consortium that combines intelligence and records management systems’ data into one deliverable program. LEX and CSI Protect’s crime-fighting partnership helps synergize crime-fighting outcomes for crime prevention and criminal investigations.

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