Described as “the brand inspired by the American lifestyle,” America Today has fast become the place for brands such as Eastpak, Levi Strauss, Wrangler, Converse, and Russell to sell their merchandise. Fashion lines from the popular American brands are available in 70 stores across the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany, as well as the retailer’s active e-commerce sites.

As part of its new RFID program, America Today was looking for a supplier that could ensure a seamless transition for its vendors to switch to RFID, working seamlessly with its hardware and software supplier while offering a flexible, high-performance RFID label.

The Apparel Labeling Solutions (ALS) division of Checkpoint already supplied America Today with its existing self-adhesive labels for all its vendors worldwide, via the Check-Net platform. A seamless transition for vendors to the new RFID-enabled labels is vital in the new rollout, and it is important that RFID labels are integrated consistently and with the right procedure. RFID apparel tags and labels play an essential role not just in-store, but in today’s retail supply chain—helping to streamline operations and reduce out-of-stock scenarios. By using the global GS1 standards for RFID along the entire supply chain, RFID can be used by everyone in fashion and will help improving the speed-to-market.

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