Employee Fires Shotgun into Customers’ Car at Drive-Thru

A Wendy’s employee has been charged after Charlotte-Mecklenburg police in North Carolina say he fired a shotgun into a car whose occupants got into a fight with a second employee of the fast-food restaurant.

 Police said Xavier McCree, 22, was charged with discharging a firearm within city limits. The shotgun pellets hurt no one, police said.|

The incident began at 1:24 a.m. Friday at a Wendy’s on Sunset Road in north Charlotte. Officers who responded to a report of assault with a deadly weapon found that two women had ordered food at the restaurant’s drive-thru window and were waiting in a parking lot for the food to be brought to them. When a female employee brought out the order, an argument ensued and one of the customers began fighting with the employee. As the fight continued, the second customer started to get out of her vehicle. A male restaurant employee then fired a shotgun into the customer’s Dodge Charger. Officers charged McCree and recovered the shotgun.   [Source: The Charlotte Observer]

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