Employee Accused of Stealing $270K Worth of Coins from Fulfillment Center

An Amazon employee is accused of stealing at least 72 coins worth more than $270,000 from the Amazon Fulfillment Center on Jacksonville’s Northside, according to court documents.

Jerell Scott is charged with grand theft and organized fraud.

According to the warrant, there were 24 incidents in which coins worth more than $127,000 were stolen. The warrant says the thefts caught on surveillance video occurred between January 27 and February 27.

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In addition, according to the warrant, incidents between September and January tied specifically to Scott’s credentials totaled more than $143,000 and were not caught on camera.

The warrant says Scott would go to a jackpot station within the fulfillment center on Pecan Park road to take the coins, the warrant shows. At the time, Scott was a TOM team associate, which is an exterior position with Amazon. The warrant states Scott had no reason within his job description to be in that area, but his credentials from his previous position with Amazon allowed him access.

“It is very brazen,” said New4Jax crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson. “But it also goes to show, the checks and balance systems the fulfillment center has to be able to detect this sort of thing and promptly act and prosecute persons stealing from them.

The warrant also says Scott would log on the Amazon intranet with his credentials and search for specified coins to see the value of the coins.

On Thursday, News4Jax reached out to Scott, and he called back, saying these are allegations and he had no further comment. As of publication, Amazon had not responded to News4Jax’s request for comment. If convicted, Scott could face up to 25 years in prison…  News4Jax

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