El Pollo Loco Restaurant Chain Installs Graffiti-Free Film

El Pollo Loco, a quick-service restaurant chain known for its flame-grilled chicken, has been serving the Los Angeles area since the early 1980’s. With continued expansion, there are now more than 400 company-owned and franchised El Pollo Loco restaurants in the southwestern US.

As a part of its recent statewide initiative to update the design of its California restaurants, the chain invested millions of dollars into renovating the look and layout of numerous locations. Once the facelift was complete, management began to explore options that would allow the chain to maintain the fresh, updated look of each establishment and protect their investment.

Team GK Glass Tinting delivered the solution: Madico’s Graffiti Free film. Graffiti Free film is designed to protect both glass and other smooth surfaces from harm. Optically clear and distortion-free, Graffiti Free window film acts as a sacrificial barrier to protect glass from costly graffiti, etching, or high-traffic wear. After such an event has occurred, the damaged film is removed, and a new layer is installed at a cost significantly less than the cost of removing and replacing the glass.

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“I have been using Graffiti Free film for over 20 years and have never had a customer need to replace a window,” said Gil Guerra, owner of Team GK Glass Tinting. “The film does an amazing job of protecting the glass from damage.”

El Pollo Loco chose to have the Graffiti Free film installed in the majority of its Los Angeles area restaurants, and entered into a maintenance contract with the installer. The maintenance contract guarantees that any film-protected glass that is damaged by graffiti or etching will be quickly repaired through the application of a new layer of Graffiti Free film.

Management at the various El Pollo locations is pleased with the results of the installation. With the ability to quickly remove any graffiti, their patrons can continue to be welcomed into a pleasant dining atmosphere. The fast removal also prevents recidivism of vandals from taking place at the same location.

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