Editor’s Letter: Adventure Time

Have you been on an adventure lately? Wandered in the wilderness or just explored a new neighborhood? Summertime lends itself to getting out and about and speaks to our inner adventurer— maybe it’s the warmer weather or a couple of extra days off here and there. I hope you’ve taken advantage and pushed yourself out of your comfort zone, even if it meant leaving that comfy AC.

This summer I tried an adventure I’d always wanted to do: I hiked the Appalachian Trail for three days. Our group was well- prepared; we had calls, emails, and texts to review what we should bring. Post‑hike, I can say that my most valuable lesson was that you can never prepare or research enough, and sometimes you will end up with uncomfortable boots.

How does this relate to this issue of LP Magazine? Simple. Life—including our career—is an adventure, and sometimes you will get stuck wearing uncomfortable boots. It’s all about what you do to overcome that pain that forms us as individuals.

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I’m sure if you talked to Bob Oberosler, who is a couple of well‑earned months into his retirement, he would say he had to wear some uncomfortable shoes from time-to -time in his career. Whether it was towing the company line, navigating a difficult partner, or working within a budget, Bob has probably seen it all. What made him successful was how he worked through the difficulties and came out on the other side. Check out his article to hear straight from Bob.

You’ll also hear from Caroline Kochman in this issue who is starting on a new adventure and slipping into some well-worn shoes that fit perfectly—and yet sometimes pinch a teeny bit. Navigating a high-profile, high‑visibility position takes guts and thick skin, and Caroline has both. The adage, “If it were easy, everyone would do it,” certainly applies here. (Read more here about Caroline and her vision for the Loss Prevention Foundation).

What are your uncomfortable shoes or boots? Is it the upcoming holidays and trying to keep your sanity through it all? Is it the constant battle with ORC? Is it job uncertainty? Our challenges can take many different forms. How do you deal with it?

In my case, after two and a half days of suffering, one of my fellow hikers was an angel, only she wasn’t wearing a halo just the same size boot. She switched boots with me, and I am still almost moved to tears thinking about the relief of getting those darn things off my feet and most importantly, the selfless act of caring for another human. I know those boots were killing you, my friend, thank you and please know the appropriate action was taken with them—possibly involving an exorcism.

We are the sum total of the good and not‑so-good things that have happened to us over the course of our lives. Will you look back and say that you handled them both with grace? Did you learn from your hardships?

If your boots or shoes or career problem is challenging and painful, ask someone else for help. There is no shame in reaching out and asking for assistance, no matter how big or small the boot.

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