eBay’s PROACT Team Assist London Metro Police with Arrest of Man Selling Monkey Heads

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A 63 year-old illegal wildlife trader, George Bush of London, U.K., was sentenced to 14 months in prison (suspended for two years) for offering to sell body parts of protected species imported from Indonesia. Bush pled guilty to trying to sell body parts from various species on line, including two leopard cat skulls, 134 specimens of primate parts (including hands) belonging to Trachypitchecus, Chlorocebus aethiops, Macaca Fascicularis and Macaque species, four monkey heads belonging to Trachypitchecus species, and a skeleton of an infant crab-eating macaque (Macaque Fascicularis). Additionally, a wildlife trader in Indonesia who had been illegally supplying Bush with wildlife parts and products has been arrested by Indonesian Police.

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