Drive-Thru Employee Jailed for Stealing Credit Card Information

Police in Buena Vista Township, Michigan, are investigating a credit card fraud case involving cards used at the McDonald’s on Holland. Police say the suspect was an employee who would take photos of credit cards handed over for payment at the drive thru window. After photographing both the front and back of the card, she would return it to the owner. Information from the cards were used to make phone and online purchases.

Buena Vista Township Police began investigating after a customer’s bank alerted him to fraudulent activity on November 20. Restaurant managers then looked at surveillance video, where they saw employee photographing the man’s card. Police said it was not an isolated incident, and the suspect may have photographed at least 50 cards. The suspect has been fired from McDonald’s and arrested. She’s in the Saginaw County Jail on… WSGW NewsRadio

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