Don’t Think Twice. Just Do It!

Kelly Johnson

Interview with Kelly Johnson, LPC
With over twenty-two years of experience in the field of loss prevention, Johnson is currently an area profit protection manager at Bed Bath & Beyond. During his ten years with the company, he has held several area and regional loss prevention positions. Prior to joining Bed Bath & Beyond, he worked in store- and district-level positions at Lowe’s and Kmart.

Why did you decide to pursue your LPC certification?
Approximately four years ago, I realized that in order for me to grow and advance in the loss prevention field, I needed to pursue industry-recognized LP certifications. When the Bob MacLea scholarship was offered last year, I immediately recognized the LPC as the best certification to meet my specific goals and submitted my application.

Was the coursework what you expected?
When I applied for the LPC scholarship, I had no idea how intense it would be; I thought it would be basic loss prevention. However, I quickly found out differently. The information was detailed yet not overwhelming. It was put together in a manner that made a smooth transition from one course to the next. I learned so much valuable information. Had I known it when I was first promoted to a regional loss prevention manager position, it would have made my transition so much easier. I now understand how and why certain things are done in the corporate loss prevention department.

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Talk about the process of going through the coursework and taking the exam.
When I began the coursework, I initially believed I could apply myself and complete the course in thirty days. I quickly realized the scope and depth of information presented and had to adjust my goals. In my case, I found using my lunch hour and Sunday evenings to do the coursework worked best for me. I completed each section, made a lot of notes, took each quiz at the end of the chapters repeatedly until I could pass each one 100 percent, and then moved on. When I completed the coursework, I reviewed my notes again, took the practice exam, and after passing it, sat for my final exam. It paid off when I received the notice that I had passed the exam and was now considered one of a select group of professionals with this designation.

Looking at your own personal background and knowledge, what information in the course helped you the most?
Leadership principles. Leadership is not something you are born with but must learn. I want to be the best leader I can be, and the information I learned in that module really helped me put it all together.

What was the most eye-opening information that was part of the curriculum?
Crisis management and all the work that has to go into developing a preparedness plan, applying it in time of crisis, developing post response actions, evaluating results, and so forth.

What benefits have you seen from taking the course?
I am better prepared for my future. I understand more of how an LP organization functions and can relate better with my supervisors, my stores, and my team.

If you could offer one key takeaway to someone currently considering getting certified, what would it be?
Don’t think twice. Just do it!

How would you compare the foundation certifications to other educational courses that you’ve taken?
The foundation certifications are highly recognized by the industry, and they provide an opportunity for those who desire the certification to apply for scholarships, removing the financial burden.

How has certification changed your expectations of loss prevention as a career, for yourself and for others?
It gives me a sense of accomplishment, that I am a real professional, and a higher regard for others who have attained this and other foundation certifications.

Would you recommend certification to others?
I already have and will continue to do so.

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