Dollar Tree Announces Focus on Reducing Shrink with Hiring of LP Executive

In his third-quarter earnings call Tuesday, Dollar Tree’s CEO Gary Philbin announced that the company hired Robert Oberosler as senior vice president of loss prevention to lead a focus on reducing inventory shrinkage.

Third quarter results showed shrink had increased 15 percentage points. “With shrink, our plans are focused on enhancing allocations and right-size inventories to all of our stores, especially those with a high-shrink history,” said Philbin. “Shrink is something I have an expectation we’re going to do better on next year. We’re coming off of a second year of not great performance, and we can do better.”

Robert Oberosler

Robert “Bob” Oberosler is a veteran loss prevention executive with Robinsons May Department Stores, Lowe’s, Pathmark Stores, and most recently Rite Aid. He is well known in the industry as an innovative thinker with a successful history managing inventory shrink and other losses from operational issues. supply chain, shoplifting, and internal theft.

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