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Do You Need to Upgrade Your Fire Alarm Service Provider?

Fire alarm and security is a critical component of the operation of any facility. The effectiveness of your systems is influenced by the company you trust to service your equipment. To get the most from your fire alarm and security provider, you need to determine if you receive great response time, competent and experienced employees, access to advanced technologies, turn-key service and competitive pricing. These are the qualities that customers of AFA Protective Systems, Inc. have grown to expect for their fire alarm and security services.

Do You Receive Great Response Time?

When it comes to life safety and protecting your property, can you really afford to wait? AFA has developed a culture of responsiveness that starts in our company owned central stations. When prompt response times matter, AFA is available 24/7 by phone, website or email. AFA’s sense of urgency also applies to the technicians who will work efficiently to repair your systems. Fully stocked warehouses located at each responding branch office ensures timely access to parts when needed. Time is not only money; with life safety and property protection it means a lot more.

Do You Use Advanced Technology?

In today’s world, technology helps drive success. Fire alarm and security systems are no different. AFA installs, inspects, maintains and monitors a wide variety of non-proprietary equipment for its customers. Customers can manage their central station account, receive custom reports and request service online. AFA’s technicians are equipped with information including a system’s event history ensuring a knowledgeable and prepared response to troubleshoot and repair any system issues.

Does Your Vendor Provide Competent and Experienced Employees?

Over 145 years of providing fire alarm and security service means AFA stands alone when it comes to experience. AFA’s hiring and training programs are focused on developing technicians’ competency in all areas of system installation, programming, inspection and maintenance. AFA employees go above and beyond by participating in national code writing committees and keep up to date with changes to ensure services are compliant with current standards.

Does Your Vendor Offer a One-Stop Solution?

AFA offers its customers turnkey fire alarm and security solutions. We own and operate our own UL Listed, FM Approved and FDNY approved central stations. We can clear violations and letters of defect with our in-house expeditors. We can design, budget and build your system with our in-house engineers. When it comes to fire alarm and security systems, AFA is your one-stop service solution.

After the Sale, It’s the Service That Counts!

Let’s face it; the bottom line is the bottom line. AFA’s experience and resources provide for a better service. AFA’s representatives will work with you to provide the most cost-effective, high-quality service solution for the inspection, maintenance and monitoring of your fire alarm and security systems. Period.

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