Deter Potential Theft in Store … in Style

Sleek Appearance, Maximum Detection

Our NG10 is the first transparent acrylic antenna to be released in the NEO range. Designed with store aesthetics in mind, this sleek and slim antenna features rich Bluetooth wireless connectivity and delivers the highest-performing electronics on the market. The advance RF technology improves detection. Higher detection rates mean reduction in inventory shrink across even the smallest of tagged products.

Powered by NEO

With intelligence built in, the NEO platform advances performance capabilities beyond the traditional antenna. A sophisticated sensor, NEO can connect directly to store networks, smartphones, and the Checkpoint cloud platform with no middleware, allowing continuous and seamless data gathering. With its 24/7 real‑time remote monitoring, any issues are picked up immediately. The new electronics mean the antennas are compact and slimmer with the scope of supporting more technology, without changing the aesthetics of the antenna frame.


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  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Boosted Detection
  • Quick Fit Based


  • Instant Synchronization
  • No Floor Cutting


  • Acrylic Etching
  • RGB LED Colors
  • Alarm Notification via Audio WAV File

As the first acrylic antenna to be released in the NEO range, we are excited to see the market reaction to the NG10. We have sold more than 1,000 units ahead of its launch, exceeding expectations with the unbeatable detection that NEO is renowned for.
– Global Product Management Team, Checkpoint Systems

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