Detective Analytics Launches New Crime-Linking Network

Artificial intelligence-powered network offers innovative tool in the fight against organized retail crime.

Detective Analytics announced today an innovative new tool in the fight against organized retail crime with the successful launch of the Detective Analytics Crime Linking Network (DACLN). An artificial intelligence-powered network, the DACLN is an industry-wide organized retail crime linking and alerting network that works without ever sharing any data between retailers.

Detective Analytics, the 2019 RILA RTECH Most Innovative Startup in Asset Protection award winner, is an New Jersey-based SaaS company transforming retail shoplifting investigations with revolutionary crime-linking artificial intelligence tools that can scan millions of combinations of crimes per second, instantly connecting the dots to uncover organized retail crime (ORC) groups from an unconnected database that incorporates millions of incidents.

Dean Takacs

“We kept hearing frustrations from ORC investigators yearning to better collaborate with their colleagues at other retailers but running into the same two issues for the past 20 years. First, the industry just didn’t have the technology to help investigators connect the dots across millions of crimes. Secondly, legal departments are apprehensive and unwilling to share their company’s sensitive data,” said Dean Takacs, founder of Detective Analytics.

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“We are happy to announce to the loss prevention community that we now have a solution that solves both problems. Thanks to leveraging Detective Analytics’ crime-linking artificial intelligence, we have created the DACLN, which automatically connects the dots on millions of crimes across retailers without a single individual ever seeing another retailer’s data.”

How It Works
The DACLN alerts retailers anytime they are being targeted by the same organized retail crime group. The alerts only contain the incident numbers from each of the affected retailers for the incidents involving the specific ORC group that was detected. From there, investigators from the affected retailers can choose on a case-by-case basis if they want to collaborate with each other. Every alert shows the entire group of inter-connected crimes that were detected.

Think BOLO Alerts on Steroids
Traditional BOLO alerts are manually created and distributed with information involving a particular suspect or crime with the hope that the BOLO will be reviewed and a connection wil be recognized. In contrast, DACLN alerts are automatically created and distributed with all the connected crimes that were detected, effectively sending the investigators pre-constructed investigations across different retailers.

“We’re talking massive pre-constructed ORC cases being emailed to you at random times throughout the day,” said Takacs.

How to Join
Membership to the DACLN is free for all Detective Analytics’ existing partners and available as part of a free trial for any retailers interested in Detective Analytics Crime Linking Software.

All of Detective Analytics’ patent-pending technology, research, inventions, and software development have and will continue to be created in the USA. To learn more, visit the Detective Analytics website.

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