Deadly Episode; Shoplifting Suspect Runs over Wife with U-Haul

A weekend shoplifting incident at the Blount County (Alabama) Walmart turned deadly when one of the suspects was run over by her husband as they fled lawmen. Oneonta police were dispatched shortly before 8 PM to the store on a report of a shoplifting incident in progress. Chief Charles Clifton said the couple had been loading items into a cart for a lengthy period of time and had been watched on camera.

After gathering about $1,500 worth of goods in their cart, they left the store without paying and headed to a U-Haul they had stationed in the parking lot. Before they could fully load the items into the truck, they spotted police arriving at the scene and took off.

The U-Haul was driven by 32-year-old Jimmy Russell Smith, who lives in the Birmingham area. As he was attempting to pull over on the shoulder, his passenger, which he described to authorities as his wife, tried to exit the slow-moving vehicle, Daniel said. Crystal Lynn Carlson, 34, of Adamsville, fell underneath the vehicle and was killed. Oneonta police have charged Smith with…

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