Dahua Technology USA Now Shipping 4K and Multi-sensor Products for Coaxial Infrastructure

Dahua Technology USA has recently announced it is now shipping 4K and multi-sensor cameras for coaxial infrastructure. Dahua’s HD over coax technology, HDCVI, aims to meet the growing needs of the security industry with these new additions to the product line.

The 4K HDCVI camera series is the industry’s first line of 4K over coax surveillance cameras, and Dahua’s HDCVI multi-sensor rounds out the company’s offerings of HDCVI products. These cameras provide greater options to users of coaxial infrastructure, allowing them to maximize their investment in legacy systems.

The 4K HDCVI cameras are available in box, dome, and bullet models, offering 8MP resolution without latency. The box camera features Starlight technology, Dahua’s low-light technology that produces clear images in near complete darkness, as well as 140dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). The dome and bullet cameras provide 120dB WDR and boast a 7-11mm motorized lens for ease of installation.

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The HDCVI multi-sensor produces 180° panoramic views with three individual 2MP sensors in an all-in-one IP67 weather resistant indoor/outdoor housing. The exceptional stitching on the panorama appears as a seamless, wide image and eliminates concern over activity being obscured by stitches.

These additions to Dahua’s HDCVI product family are reportedly ideal for those wishing to retain analog infrastructure while benefitting from detailed high-definition and ultra-high-definition images.

“Though the market has been shifting from analog to IP for several years, there are many users who still want to use coax cabling,” said Jennifer Hackenburg, senior product marketing manager, Dahua USA. “Some desire real-time surveillance or want the added security of a system that’s not part of a network; some simply don’t have the budget to rip and replace legacy cable. Dahua’s newest HDCVI cameras are a cost-effective way to bring crisp, clear, images to coax systems.”

All HDCVI cameras achieve up to 500m transmission distance over RG59 coaxial cable. For more information, visit dahuasecurity-2702422.hs-sites.com/4k-hdcvi-multi-sensor​.

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