Cybersecurity in Action: The 2015 RSA Conference visits San Francisco

RSA Conference 2015

RSA, a premier provider of intelligence-driven security solutions, held their annual conference in San Francisco last week, bringing together the best and brightest in the field—from across the country and the world—charged with dealing with some of our most complex and sensitive security challenges: managing organizational risk, safeguarding mobile access and collaboration, preventing online fraud, and defending against advanced threats.

As information security continues to grow in importance and influence conferences, seminars, and similar venues will play an integral role in keeping loss prevention professionals across the globe connected and educated. The RSA Conference is helping drive the information security agenda worldwide with industry events currently scheduled each year in the U.S., Europe and Asia that create opportunities to learn more about global Internet/data security issues through first-hand interactions. 

With packed sessions throughout the week, common remarks echoed that the sessions were both strong and relevant to the needs of today’s business. There was a persistent sense of optimism and determination that there will be progress and innovation as we work towards a shared goal. There was a consistent theme that departments must work together to find the most effective solutions, using all of our available resources to arrive at a common destination. As companies continue to grow more creative in their approach to these issues, we can expect to see new and exciting opportunities and a persistence evolution of the loss prevention industry as these plans are brought to fruition.

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You can view presentations from last week’s event by clicking here.

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