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Industrial Security Solutions (ISS) specializes in providing a complete range of EAS and CCTV products and services focused on the most beneficial and cost-effective solution catered to the size of the retailer. By manufacturing tags and systems in both AM and RF frequencies, ISS is able to offer competitive pricing on the most specific of solutions. Customers may even choose from an impressive range of refurbished products. With partnership as a keystone in the ISS business philosophy and the ability to install and service in all fifty states, no retailer is left behind.

The ISS Difference

Industrial Security Solutions understands that with the evolving retail industry the importance of maximizing profits for brick-and-mortars is at its highest. Unfortunately, these profits are lost daily to internal and external theft of the store’s inventory. Only the most specific of solutions can offer the least loss, and ISS is prepared to customize solutions for a range of complicated needs.

Many potential customers have been in business for decades and often find EAS solutions that worked in the past are now obsolete. ISS has the services needed to address these issues including:

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  • Upgrading outdated EAS systems,
  • Refurbishing EAS systems,
  • Service and maintenance of EAS systems, and
  • Tag trade-out/recycle programs.

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Service and Maintenance

Industrial Security Solutions recognizes the importance of customer service. Every day at ISS new procedures and technologies that maintain an industry-leading response time are being developed by the brightest minds in the EAS industry. This year alone ISS hired a number of experienced technicians across the country to further reduce response times to all installations and service calls. In addition, technicians are trained to tune almost all manufacturer models in the industry. With a constant supply of refurbished products, technicians are always prepared to replace specific parts or entire pedestals.

For customers that decide to install EAS manufactured by ISS, a remote tuning unit known as an eComm Module can be included. The eComm enables technicians to adjust the systems remotely and drastically reduces the need to dispatch a service call. With in-store service calls often exceeding $300, this is a significant savings to customers.

Customized EAS Solutions

Over the years, ISS has been asked to create various customized loss prevention solutions. Once a product is produced that fits one customer’s needs, it is always helpful to others as well. For example, ISS produced a door-mounted Aegis system in multiple colors, so the system would blend with any store color scheme. This Aegis can be ordered in white, black, gray, or any custom color needed and is offered in AM and RF frequencies.
Additionally, customers always complained that older EAS systems look scuffed and chipped from being hit. To address this ISS designed√ämarketing covers that slide over and fit flush with the beat-up pedestals. This not only improves the store’s aesthetics, but also provides an additional opportunity to market to customers.

ISS also takes on the challenge of innovating old solutions that have since been abandoned. In order to change the industry standard for providing customers with cumbersome ink tags, ISS technicians designed a lightweight, triangle ink tag that is no wider than one and a half inches and alarms AM frequency systems. This tag revolutionized the way loss prevention looks at ink tags.

Finally, this year ISS brought on a specialist for developing and instituting a source tag program. With recyclable source tagging, EAS tags can be applied to a much wider range of goods with a more consistent compliance rate. ISS also works together with vendors to make sure they provide products to the customer’s stores with tags properly applied. Once tags are removed at the point-of-sale and returned to ISS, the tags are cleaned and resold to vendors and stores.

Don’t you deserve an EAS solution custom engineered to your specific needs? Contact Industrial Security Solutions at 800-466-4502 with your next loss prevention project to discover the ISS difference.

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