Crosspoint Capital Partners Leads Investment in Everseen Funding Round

Everseen, a provider of AI-powered computer vision and hyper automation solutions, announced it has raised a 65 million euro series; a follow-on funding round led by Crosspoint Capital Partners, a private equity firm focused on the cybersecurity, privacy, and infrastructure software markets. The funding will be used to continue investment in Everseen’s computer vision AI technology and help the company scale.

Crosspoint made its original investment in Everseen in June 2021 based on the company’s computer vision AI technology, customer relationships, and its approach to ethical AI.

Everseen’s technology brings patented AI-powered process-aware computer vision to core business challenges to improve business outcomes. The company uses its Visual AI platform to supply the retail sector with end-to-end visibility across processes such as checkout, inventory management, and supply chain.

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“Crosspoint Capital has been a fantastic partner for the last two years, and we are excited to further our relationship as the Crosspoint team brings immense value in terms of operational excellence and sector expertise that will help us mature our business operations and deliver on our technology roadmap,” said Alan O’Herlihy, Everseen founder and CEO. “Everseen’s computer vision AI platform has scaled the automation of scene-based processes with impact in use across 6,000 major retail stores and connecting 80,000 point-of-sale devices. We have created generic process-aware technology that can be applied to a broad spectrum of business functions, leveraging our growing dataset.”

“The mainstream accessibility of AI and ML technology has emerged as one of the biggest trends over the last year and is being valued by the market. We believe computer vision AI represents significant value in transforming business processes moving forward, and Everseen has emerged as a clear leader in this space, providing immediate and measurable impact on the customer P&L,” said Greg Clark, managing partner of Crosspoint Capital. “There is a lot of hype on the impact and productivity gains of AI, and Everseen is a refreshing example of the business value of the AI revolution. We are excited to bring the power of Crosspoint to support its vision and help them scale into this significant market opportunity.”

O’Herlihy continued: “Everseen is one of retail’s biggest producers of visual metadata as it turns unstructured video data into usable business insights. Linking this to retailers’ existing data lakes forms the ‘modern data estate,’ enabling them to receive query answers to previously impossible questions.”