Criminal Genius Steals over $6.5K Worth of OTC Drugs from 11 Grocery Stores

Police are searching for a man who has allegedly used self-service grocery check out counters to steal about $6,500 from local HEB and Kroger stores. Tomball Police Department identified Tyler Sexton, 23, in a dozen of videos from the store’s security cameras. He reportedly stole over-the-counter drugs from 11 stores in Harris County and attempted to take from nine others. There is a warrant for his arrest for aggregate theft.

Sexton used the same method in each case, according to the police. He loaded up a shopping cart with products containing acetaminophen, a component of methamphetamine, and then heads to a self check out counter.

He scanned each item and then inserts a credit card but removes it before it processes. He only pretends to pay, police said. Investigators said Sexton had used this tactic in nine Kroger stores and three HEB stores. However, he doesn’t always make a clean getaway. At one store, employees saw him stealing, stopped him, and then chased him off the property while calling the police.

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There is also a fatal flaw in his method. Sexton allegedly used his mother’s reward card for each purchase, making it easy for police to track him down. “I don’t know if he wasn’t aware of it or he just didn’t care,” said officer Clough. “I mean, no mask, walks in, and uses mom’s loyalty number. His method of operation was universal across all locations…”  Click2Houston

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