Crime Accountability Partnership Program: Saving Resources; Changing Lives

Adopted by major national retailers in more than 2,000 stores, the Crime Accountability (C.A.) Partnership Program for shoplifting has reportedly reduced calls to law enforcement by 40 to 60 percent, thus allowing retailers to save more than $30 million in resources for their police partners in 2016 alone. The product of collaboration between Turning Point Justice (TPJ) and the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP), the program is already on track to save an additional $60 million in resources in 2017.

Guided by restorative justice principles, the C.A. Partnership Program requires that offenders accept responsibility for their actions, pay restitution to the retail victim, cover the program cost, and complete an offense-specific education course. The Program has held over 14,000 shoplifting offenders accountable and provided them the education needed to prevent repeat offenses. Using the same education programs used by courts since 1989, the Program builds offender competence to make better decisions and thus reduces recidivism. For more than 25 years, NASP shoplifter education programs have consistently had a court-documented recidivism rate of less than 3 percent nationally.

Designed by criminal justice and loss prevention professionals and provided free of charge to partnering retailers, the C.A. Partnership Program employs TPJ’s Cloud-Justice technology and NASP’s court-approved educational programs to provide retailers and their police and criminal justice partners with a coordinated, constructive, high-impact yet cost-effective response to misdemeanor shoplifting. Key to the Program’s impact are the partnerships—where all partners contribute effort and reap benefits in equal measure—so that in addition to reducing the drain on police resources caused by petty shoplifting, it reduces court case backlogs and frees up valuable public and private resources, enabling police and retail personnel to focus on more significant issues.

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