‘Cowboy Clerk’ Ties up Armed Robbery Suspect

Texans keep telling us “don’t mess with Texas” and yet there are still those who refuse to listen. One thief did not heed that warning and wound up on the wrong side of a store clerk who just so happens to be a cowboy hailing from west Texas.

WFAA News reports that police responded to reports of an armed robbery at a Dallas 7-Eleven shortly after 11 PM on August 20. The criminal, apparently having no idea who they were dealing with, attempted to rob the store and stab the store clerk with a screwdriver. The robber was foiled, however, when the 7-Eleven employee overpowered them, grabbed a nearby rope and tied them up, subduing them until the police arrived. The store clerk identified himself as a West Texas cowboy. We’re sure he has plenty of experience lassoing, but… Wide Open Country

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