Couple Used Baby Stroller To Steal 88 Cans of Formula

A couple arrested for trying to walk out with baby formula hidden inside a baby stroller had 88 cans worth $1,700 in their car, according to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.

Isaac Hernandez, 20, and Thalia Ruiz-Desoto, 22, both of Northridge, were arrested November 3 after employees reported they had hidden a large quantity of baby formula inside a stroller and walked out of Target, 209 Ventura Blvd., without paying for it, sheriff’s officials said.

Deputies stopped the couple before they could leave the parking lot and recovered about 88 cans of baby formula, worth about $1,700, according to authorities. Hernandez and Ruiz-Desoto were determined to have used a baby stroller as a decoy to hide the stolen formula, and sheriff’s officials say they were linked to committed similar thefts at stores in Westlake Village and Newbury Park. No actual child was ever involved, investigators said.

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Both Hernandez and Ruiz-Desoto face charges of organized retail theft, grand theft and conspiracy to commit a crime. They have since been freed on $20,000 bail and are scheduled to appear in court on November 16…  CBSN News

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