Couple shipped $425K worth of stolen baby formula to be sold in California

Chandler Arizona police arrested a husband and wife who ran a huge baby formula theft ring. They say 46-year-old Rafid Khoshi and his wife, 43-year-old Manal Sulaiman, were purchasing stolen baby formula from so-called “boosters,” or people who steal products intending to resell them. Police say those “boosters” would shoplift baby formula from various grocery stores and big box stores around the Valley, and then sell it to Khoshi and Manal for 30 to 50 cents on the dollar.Khoshi and Sulaiman would then ship the stolen baby formula from their Chandler home to El Cajon, California, and sell it to a local distributor for a profit, according to police.Chandler police say Khoshi and Sulaiman recruited just over a dozen regular boosters from OfferUp.

CBS Sacramento

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