Couple Nabbed in Price-Tag-Switching Scheme

A Summerfield man and woman found themselves behind bars Thursday night after being accused of a scam to pay lower prices on items at the Summerfield Walmart.

A Marion County sheriff’s deputy was called to the store shortly before 9 PM and when he arrived, a loss prevention officer told him that 38-year-old Martina Nelson and 39-year-old Barry J. Nelson had walked down several aisles and selected items. She said Martina Nelson took the tag off a package of Sham towels and used it to pay for $105.54 worth of items that included a $70 Sony Blu-Ray player, a $9.82 micro cable and a $25.72 Texas King Plush blanket.

The loss prevention officer said that while that was occurring, Barry Nelson kept two employees from seeing what was happening. Once Martina Nelson finished the transaction, she and Barry Nelson attempted to leave the store but were stopped and detained by the loss prevention officer, the report says. After being read her rights… Villages-News

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