Couple Arrested for $200K ID Theft, Credit Card Fraud Scheme

When Coral Springs police were ready to take Chukwuemeka Chinye into custody for fraud-related charges, they found on him three phones, 12 credit cards belonging to many victims, and three fake identities, police said.

It was the culmination of work by Coral Springs Detective Brett Schroy and the Economic Crimes Unit in investigating Chinye and Karen Munroe who police said stole the identity of one person, opened a TD Bank account in the victim’s name, diverted the person’s mail, and eventually stole a $20,000 check.

As part of the investigation, a search warrant for the phones found on Chinye and subpoenas of Chinye’s and Munroe’s bank accounts led to extensive evidence of bank fraud, aggravated ID theft, grand theft, and credit card fraud involving an additional nine victims for a total loss of $200,000, police said…  TapInto

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