Couple Allegedly Ran ORC Shoplifting Ring; Sold Stolen Beauty Items Online for $2.7M

Young woman is stealing goods in a shop

A husband and wife in Arizona allegedly ran a shoplifting ring and then sold stolen health and beauty products online in a years-long scheme that netted the couple millions of dollars.

Zach Robbins, 42, and his wife Jie, 47, of Gilbert, about 21 miles southeast of Phoenix, were arrested Friday and faces charges of trafficking stolen property, money laundering and racketeering.

The couple allegedly paid others to steal over-the-counter products from stores in the area, the Gilbert Police Department said in a press release on Facebook. They then sold the items on Amazon and eBay.

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Zach and Jie Robbins ran the illegal operation for more than four years and made more than $2.7 million from the sales, police said. Authorities were alerted to the scheme about three months ago and recovered… NBC News

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