CONTROLTEK Introduces High Security EAS Tag and Detachers


CONTROLTEK has announced its new offering of High Security Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Tags and Detachers.

Traditional EAS tags, once an effective deterrent, have been rendered less effective due to the ease with which unauthorized individuals can access magnetic detachers. CONTROLTEK’s High Security EAS tags offer a detaching method which can only be opened with the patented High Security Detacher, making them resistant to traditional magnetic detachers easily accessible by thieves.

David Brothers, senior director of global sales at CONTROLTEK, highlighted the importance of addressing this challenge: “We constantly received feedback from our retail partners about the difficulties they faced with theft caused by the use of unauthorized magnet detachers bought from online platforms to bypass security tags in-store. It was crucial for us to address this issue without the use of expensive and complex electronic detachers. Our solution supports retailers’ existing loss prevention efforts and reduces confusion among store associates.”

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CONTROLTEK’s new High Security EAS Tags are designed to put an end to this problem, offering a locking mechanism and specialized detachment process, this tag and detacher combo can only be used in tandem. Available exclusively for our customers, thieves will not be able to get their hands on the solution, providing retailers an added level of assurance.

Designed with a modern aesthetic, CONTROLTEK’s High Security EAS tags are constructed from select materials, deliver a high detection rate and durability in the retail environment. CONTROLTEK offers a wide range of tag options tailored to different product types, including apparel, sporting goods, footwear, eyewear, and beverages.

Brian Diplock, vice president of strategic sourcing and product development at CONTROLTEK said, “We understand the importance of offering a diverse range of tag options to our retailer partners so they have the best security for their array of merchandise. We took the most popular tags from our CONTROLTEK line that our customers have come to love, and created High Security versions to provide ideal security for retailers’ merchandise.” 

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