Contactless Credit Card Popularity Soars During Pandemic; Stay Vigilant for Scammers

RFID technology radio frequency identification

Contactless credit cards have become an extremely popular way to pay during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to industry experts. The technology allows you to wave your credit and debit cards over a device and pay without touching anything at the register. But consumers should still be vigilant for scammers.

Banks said the use of contactless payment options have surged 150% since March. If you have a card with a little WiFi symbol on it, that means you have the technology.

“There’s been a huge uptick in the past four or five months as you might imagine. People liked using it, now it’s, you have to touch less contactless to still make a payment,” said Don Bush of Chargebacks 911.

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Bush said scammers are also counting on more people using these cards. They could have devices which can read the signal from your credit or debit card…  ABC7 News

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