C-Store Clerk Punched, then Run Over by Shoplifters

A convenience  store clerk in Phoenix, Arizona, is recovering after being attacked and run over by a suspected shoplifter this weekend. Phillip Butler the general manager of the store said it was a normal night shift and that the employee just arrived on shift a few minutes before the attack.

Surveillance video shows two men go inside the gas station and slip items into their pockets without paying for them. “The man in the gray has candy items in this left or right hand then slips it into his pocket,” Butler said. Moments later, the video shows a store employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, follow the men outside to the parking lot to ask them to pay for the items they allegedly took.

“The employee says he looked away briefly, the guys suckered punched him at the car door,” Butler said. “He slams it into reverse, partially running over the employee and catching him with the door.” The employee’s leg was run over. “Broken toe, broken finger, lacerations, a fractured vertebra in his back,” Butler said. He says his employee is still recovering but he worries about future and problems involving customers. “Our hands are tied but especially after this, we are not approaching anybody. It’s too dangerous,” Butler said. If you recognize the men seen in that video posted on the website, call Phoenix police.   [Source: 12News]

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