CIS Security Solutions’ Gen 6 Alarming Tether Adds Security

CIS Security Solutions’ Gen 6 alarming tether systems allows you to protect your merchandise with a smart release lock and tether that talk to each other for an added level of security, easing the deactivation process.

Like its predecessor, the Gen5, Gen6 has easily replaceable components, the retractable tether, alarm top, and tether battery. And there’s no need to remove the tether from the merchandise or fixture, saving valuable labor. Reuse the functioning parts of the system, replacing only the damaged parts and saving on product cost and saving space in landfills.

This heavy duty 49-strand steel cable has 120 lb. pull strength. The alarming function is easily activated, with no tool necessary, and it cannot be manipulated without the decoder. Turn the unit off with the handheld, all-in-one decoder or easy switch.

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When not protecting the product, and the smart release lock is open, the system will go into standby mode. Pinch the stopper to secure the tether in the “lead” position, preventing smaller merchandise from being pulled off balance and allowing proper merchandising of displays.

The smart release design provides for perfect loop length and placement of the decoder to allow for a quick, one-step, easy deactivation, press clutch release, or battery replacement.

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