Chef José Andrés Offers a Job to Lunchroom ‘Hero’ Fired for ‘Theft’

Chef José Andrés, who has helped provide millions of free meals to furloughed federal workers and natural disaster survivors, wants to hire Bonnie Kimball.

Kimball was fired from her New Hampshire high school, where she had been an employee for more than four years, for letting a student take food without paying. She was fired by the district manager of Café Services, the food services company that employed her, and says she was told what she did was “theft.” The student she helped paid his $8 lunch tab the next morning.

School officials and the food service company have offered to rehire the employee, but Kimball said she won’t take their offer, saying “they’re not doing it for me, they are doing it to save face.” When Andrés found out about Kimball’s actions, he wanted to get her on board, calling her a “hero…” Fox17 West Michigan

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