Checkpoint’s Alpha High-Theft Solutions

Proud to Be an American-Made Company

For a half century, Alpha High-Theft Solutions has been providing retailers with the most innovative and technologically advanced products engineered to protect high-theft merchandise. We have been proudly manufacturing our core products in the United States. Our 210,000-square-foot Canton, Ohio, manufacturing plant is strategically located in the Midwest, which allows for optimal delivery to our customers.

From here each year, more than thirty- million units are produced and shipped to a majority of the top retailers in the world. The plant directly provides more than 200 jobs for engineers, quality staff, customer-service representatives, global project leaders, and more, not to mention it utilizes local molders and contractors who provide raw materials, components, and finished goods.

There are many benefits to having full- line manufacturing in the US. By producing from start to finish, Alpha is able to meet our customers’ needs with end-to-end manufacturing control, ensure the quality of our products, ship products with 99.9 percent accuracy, and manage inventory. Other benefits include quicker time to market updates, fewer delays due to time zones, and more ecofriendly production.

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The Classic Keepers and Bottle Caps

Keepers® are where the Alpha innovation story truly begins, and over 27,000 Keepers a day are produced in Canton. Keepers are made with the strongest clear recyclable polycarbonate with anti-crazing material available. Following Checkpoint’s Green Initiative, Keepers are recyclable. Keepers allow retailers to create attractive visual displays and promote “open sell” with the confidence that merchandise is protected.

Available in over seventy-five sizes, Keepers are one of the most versatile and secure solutions for high-theft merchandise. Based on the variety of sizes, our expert sales team or our online Keeper Selector tool at can direct you to the perfect-sized fit you need.

Small and Large Bottle Caps are another product proudly produced in Ohio. Alpha has a long, innovative history of protecting wine and spirit merchandise with Bottle Caps, the aesthetically pleasing solution that doesn’t detract from merchandise presentation and prevents opening or tampering of the liquor. Each year more than 18.5 million units (Keepers and Bottle Caps) are produced and shipped to retailers around the world.

Introducing the D-Line

Alpha is continuously growing. A wide range of high-theft solutions to fit multiple needs are now in production. Called Disposable Hang Tags (DHT), these simple and effective devices are available in RF or AM EAS technology and fit a wide array of high-theft consumer products, including jewelry, electronics, hardware, and cosmetics. This new loss prevention solution can be applied quickly and easily or applied in-store, providing a strong visual theft deterrent.

The tag features a unique ratcheting design to ensure it securely fits a diverse range of packaging dimensions and provides a robust visual deterrent against opportunistic shoplifters. Deactivation is simple, by either a store associate or by the consumer in self-checkout lanes with less delay and a more frictionless experience. Consumers can remove and discard the tag post‑purchase or simply discard it with the product packaging.

Stuart Rosenthal

Checkpoint’s DHT solution enables retailers to protect a wider array of lower- priced high-theft merchandise, while reducing shrink and increasing sales and profits, thus supporting a strong return on investment in just a few short months.

Stuart Rosenthal, global vice president of Checkpoint’s Alpha High‑Theft Solutions business, commented: “We are proud of our Canton, Ohio, facility and its support of the local economy, and are constantly investing in and upgrading our manufacturing facility that produces quality products sold globally for Alpha.”

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